Special Event

1000th Member Membership Drive


We’re an 102-year-old cinema and going strong. Our membership numbers are at an historic high, but we need your help to get us to a landmark 1000 members.

If you’re already a member, renew!
If you’re a lapsed member, re-join!
If you’re not yet a member, become one!

All new members and renewing members from July 4 until we reach 1000 will be entered into a raffle to win
* the opportunity to program a public film event *
* an Images Cinema tote bag filled with goodies
* a lunch planning meeting wtih Images Cinema’s Executive and Managing Directors

All new and renewing members during this drive will receive
* a special wild card pass for movies and popcorn
* an extra month of free membership added to your account
* all of our regular membership benefits, as listed in the membership brochure

Join in our box office or at imagescinema.org today!

* restrictions may apply regarding film choice.