Showed at Images 11/30/2018–12/6/2018

Starring: Eva Melander, Eero Milonoff

In Cinema Pop-Up

Winner of Un Certain Regard grand jury prize at the Cannes Film Festival

In Swedish with English subtitles

Customs officer Tina is known for her extraordinary sense of smell. It's almost as if she can sniff out the guilt on anyone hiding something. But when the mysterious Vore walks past her, her abilities are challenged for the first time ever. Tina can sense Vore is hiding something she can't identify—something dangerous that she can't get a read on. Even worse, she feels a strange attraction to him. As Tina develops a special bond with Vore and discovers his true identity, she also realizes the truth about herself and her true nature.

Based on a short story by the author of Let the Right One In, filmmaker Ali Abbasi's bold and visceral film won the grand jury prize in Cannes' Un Certain Regard section. His ferocious vision cuts through the traditional mystery story, blending genres and folklore with flawless abandon and confident rigor, crafting an audacious and contemporary fairy tale in a class all its own.

Presented in Cinema Pop-Up

  • Director: Ali Abbasi
  • Runtime: 1 hour 50 minutes
  • Genre: Drama, Fantasy

“It features moments of such pure feeling—pure ecstasy, pure rage, pure desire, pure ferocity—that I have to rank it among the most thrilling cinematic experiences that I have ever had. .... I urge you to stop reading now and go see the movie at your earliest opportunity, avoiding any synopses, reviews, or trailers before you do.”

– New Yorker