Ivory Part 1: The Teaching Room

Showed at Images 7/1/2018

Confronting issue of separatism, nationalism and institutionalized hate head-on, Ivory Part 1: The Teaching Room is a cinematic adaptation of Mt. Greylock graduate Alex Babcock's interactive installation, which was awarded Grand Prize at this year’s MASS MoCA Teen Invitational.

In his artist’s statement, Alex writes, “This work is what I fear America will become if we cannot learn to love each other. With the rise of supremacist groups and the ever growing force of toxic nationalism, I have begun to fear for our country's future. If we do not push the message of love, this metaphorical mind control machine may become a literal one. If we become passive and allow hate to spread through our government, we will be overtaken by it. We need to push for unconditional love like Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. so that day shall never arise. In the controversial 1964 'Daisy' advertisement, Lyndon Johnson remarked that 'We must either love each other or we must die,' a phrase of absolute truth. We are either taught to love or taught to hate. If we can teach others to love, we can have peace. If we teach hate, we will die out. It is my hope that we can all hold this phrase close to our hearts.”

  • Director: Alex Babcock
  • Runtime: 10 minutes