Leaning into the Wind

Showed at Images 3/9/2019

Starring: Andy Goldsworthy, Holly Goldsworthy

Introduction by Alexis Goodin, Curator of Turner & Constable: the Inhabited Landscape at the Clark

Leaning into the Wind is a vibrant journey through the diverse layers of Andy Goldsworthy's world. From urban Edinburgh and London to the South of France and New England, each environment he encounters becomes a fresh kaleidoscopic canvas for his art. A lushly-visualized travelogue, Goldsworthy's work and Thomas Riedelsheimer's exquisite cinematography redefine landscape and inextricably tie human life to the natural world.

  • Director: Thomas Riedelsheimer
  • Runtime: 1 hour 37 minutes
  • Genre: Documentary

“Like Rivers and Tides, also directed by Thomas Riedelsheimer, Leaning Into the Wind is a study in seeing, in subordinating one’s self to the elements, in creating with nature rather than from it. It's a contemplative beauty, a chance to consider and be moved by a richer sort of connectedness than our lives typically allow. ”

– Village Voice