Wild Nights With Emily

Showed at Images 5/3/2019–5/9/2019

Starring: Molly Shannon, Amy Seimetz, Susan Ziegler, Brett Gelman

Showing on the Main Screen

In the mid-19th century, Emily Dickinson (Molly Shannon) is writing prolifically, baking gingerbread, and enjoying a passionate, lifelong affair with her friend and sister-in-law Susan...yes this is the iconic American poet, popularly thought to have been a reclusive spinster. While seeking publication of some of the 1,775 poems written during her lifetime, Emily finds herself facing a troupe of male literary gatekeepers too confused by her genius to take her work seriously. Instead her work attracts the attention of an ambitious woman editor, who also sees Emily as a convenient cover for her own role in buttoned-up Amherst's most bizarre love triangle.

  • Director: Madeleine Olnek
  • Rating: PG-13
  • Runtime: 1 hour 24 minutes
  • Genre: History, Comedy

“This is an irreverent film, but its lightness is meaningful. With each silly flourish, Olnek offers joy and companionship to a figure whose history was more conveniently presented to generations of readers as solitary.”

– New York Times