Mariupolis 2

1669822877:2 2 Special Showing field_5ca9d2fb33bc0 field_5bce1ef729fee field_5cab4cff851ba Come and see with us a document of the war in Ukraine – Mariupolis 2 (2022). The last documentary by Mantas Kvedaravičius, who returned to the besieged eastern city of Mariupol earlier this year and was killed there. The film was conceived as a follow-up to his documentary … Continued

Mariupolis 2

1668780011:2 2 2022 field_5bca29b24b769 a:3:{i:0;s:9:”Lithuania”;i:1;s:6:”France”;i:2;s:7:”Germany”;} field_5cd1bb2bb4f62 Ukrainian and Russian field_5cd1bbb5b4f63 Mantas Kvedaravičius field_5bca29c14b76a field_5bca29ca4b76b field_5cd1c1029625b field_5bca29d24b76c 112 field_5bca29d74b76d field_5bca29ec4b76f field_5bca29f74b770 field_5bca29fe4b771 “In Mariupolis 2, we’re looking at vérité snapshots of war as it happens, and that’s a thing of value. You see small events here and feel them — life as it’s lived during wartime … Continued

In the Eye of the Spiral

1666910913:2 2 Special Showing field_5ca9d2fb33bc0 Images Cinema field_5bce1ef729fee field_5cab4cff851ba Images Cinema and the Williams College Museum of Art, in conjunction with the exhibition “Frantz Zéphirin: Selected Works”, are hosting the screening of the documentary, “In Eye of the Spiral” which will screen Tuesday, October 25th, at 7:00 p.m. field_5bce1f0529ff0 Images Cinema and the Williams College … Continued

In the Eye of the Spiral

1665759520:2 2 2014 field_5bca29b24b769 a:3:{i:0;s:13:”United States”;i:1;s:14:”United Kingdom”;i:2;s:5:”Haiti”;} field_5cd1bb2bb4f62 English and Haitian Creole field_5cd1bbb5b4f63 Raynald Leconte, Eve Blouin field_5bca29c14b76a field_5bca29ca4b76b field_5cd1c1029625b field_5bca29d24b76c 72 field_5bca29d74b76d field_5bca29ec4b76f field_5bca29f74b770 field_5bca29fe4b771 Introduced by the exhibition’s co-supporting curator Jordan Horton, Mellon Curatorial Fellow, MA ’23. The screening is open to the public and admission is free until max capacity, with tickets … Continued


1663002423:2 2 2022 field_5bca29b24b769 a:1:{i:0;s:13:”United States”;} field_5cd1bb2bb4f62 field_5cd1bbb5b4f63 Ivey Camille Manybeads Tso field_5bca29c14b76a field_5bca29ca4b76b Ivey Camille Manybeads Tso, LaDonna Brave Bull Allard, Makai Lewis, Kim Smith, Louise Goy field_5cd1c1029625b field_5bca29d24b76c 75 field_5bca29d74b76d field_5bca29ec4b76f field_5bca29f74b770 field_5bca29fe4b771 “POWERLANDS is a riveting tribute to the Resistance of Indigenous peoples to the exploitation of their lands.” field_5bca2a054b772 … Continued


1663351309:2 2 2022 field_5bca29b24b769 a:1:{i:0;s:13:”United States”;} field_5cd1bb2bb4f62 Spanish and English field_5cd1bbb5b4f63 Rebeca Huntt field_5bca29c14b76a field_5bca29ca4b76b Rebeca Huntt field_5cd1c1029625b Rated R field_5bca29d24b76c 79 field_5bca29d74b76d field_5bca29ec4b76f field_5bca29f74b770 field_5bca29fe4b771 “Rebeca Huntt’s Beba is the coming-of-age story that Black American children have been waiting for, a documentary that encompasses every step of reclamation of an American bloodline.” … Continued

Moonage Daydream

1665083344:2 2 2022 field_5bca29b24b769 a:1:{i:0;s:13:”United States”;} field_5cd1bb2bb4f62 field_5cd1bbb5b4f63 Brett Morgan field_5bca29c14b76a field_5bca29ca4b76b David Bowie field_5cd1c1029625b Rated PG-13 field_5bca29d24b76c 140 field_5bca29d74b76d field_5bca29ec4b76f field_5bca29f74b770 field_5bca29fe4b771 “Gender-fluid pop trailblazer? Genius-level futurist? Brixton boy made good? Alien sent to earth to help English people loosen up? Whatever your favourite side to the limitlessly faceted David Bowie, this … Continued

Outdoor Movie: Summer of Soul

1662052701:2 2 Film Series field_5ca9d2fb33bc0 The Clark, 225 South St, Williamstown field_5bce1ef729fee field_5cab4cff851ba Free. Rated PG. The film is shown outdoors at the Clark at dusk, around 7:30 pm. Bring a picnic and your own seating. field_5bce1f0529ff0 Free. Rated PG. The film is shown outdoors at the Clark at dusk, around 7:30 pm. Bring a … Continued

Summer of Soul

1662052639:2 2 2021 field_5bca29b24b769 a:1:{i:0;s:13:”United States”;} field_5cd1bb2bb4f62 field_5cd1bbb5b4f63 Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson field_5bca29c14b76a field_5bca29ca4b76b Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone, Sly & the Family Stone, Gladys Knight & the Pips, Mahalia Jackson, B.B. King, The 5th Dimension field_5cd1c1029625b Rated PG field_5bca29d24b76c 118 field_5bca29d74b76d field_5bca29ec4b76f field_5bca29f74b770 field_5bca29fe4b771 “Sonically flawless, authentically textured and deep-rooted in cultural significance, Summer Of … Continued

Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen, A Journey, A Song

1663288202:2 2 2022 field_5bca29b24b769 a:2:{i:0;s:13:”United States”;i:1;s:6:”Canada”;} field_5cd1bb2bb4f62 field_5cd1bbb5b4f63 Daniel Geller and Dayna Goldfine field_5bca29c14b76a field_5bca29ca4b76b Leonard Cohen, Adrienne Clarkson, Brandi Carlile, Clive Davis, Eric Church, Jeff Buckley, John Cale, Judy Collins, Nancy Bacal, Steve Berkowitz field_5cd1c1029625b Rated PG-13 field_5bca29d24b76c 115 field_5bca29d74b76d field_5bca29ec4b76f field_5bca29f74b770 field_5bca29fe4b771 “The documentary’s account of the song’s fate, indebted to … Continued