1622476126:2 2 2021 field_5bca29b24b769 a:1:{i:0;s:13:”United States”;} field_5cd1bb2bb4f62 Korean and English field_5cd1bbb5b4f63 Lee Isaac Chung field_5bca29c14b76a Steven Yeun, Han Ye-ri, Alan Kim, Noel Kate Cho, Youn Yuh-jung, and Will Patton field_5bca29ca4b76b field_5cd1c1029625b Rated PG-13 field_5bca29d24b76c 116 field_5bca29d74b76d field_5bca29ec4b76f field_5bca29f74b770 field_5bca29fe4b771 “For all the struggle that takes place in this movie, it is its quiet … Continued


1621968477:2 2 2021 field_5bca29b24b769 a:1:{i:0;s:13:”United States”;} field_5cd1bb2bb4f62 field_5cd1bbb5b4f63 Chloé Zhao field_5bca29c14b76a Frances McDormand, Charlene Swank, David Strathairn field_5bca29ca4b76b field_5cd1c1029625b Rated R field_5bca29d24b76c 110 field_5bca29d74b76d field_5bca29ec4b76f field_5bca29f74b770 field_5bca29fe4b771 “Nomadland, with its beautiful simplicity, and wonderful performances, manages to be an elegant, profoundly moving film which shows the real value of living, rather than just … Continued

Los Hermanos / The Brothers

1621520306:2 2 2021 field_5bca29b24b769 field_5cd1bb2bb4f62 English and Spanish field_5cd1bbb5b4f63 Marcia Jarmel & Ken Schneider field_5bca29c14b76a field_5bca29ca4b76b Aldo López-Gavilán, Ilmar López-Gavilán, Joshua Bell field_5cd1c1029625b field_5bca29d24b76c 84 field_5bca29d74b76d field_5bca29ec4b76f field_5bca29f74b770 field_5bca29fe4b771 field_5bca2a054b772 field_5bca2a154b773 field_5dfda10d947e6 Virtuoso Afro-Cuban-born brothers — violinist Ilmar and pianist Aldo — live on opposite sides of a geopolitical chasm a half-century wide. Tracking … Continued


1620164257:2 2 2021 field_5bca29b24b769 a:1:{i:0;s:13:”United States”;} field_5cd1bb2bb4f62 field_5cd1bbb5b4f63 Sanjay Rawal field_5bca29c14b76a field_5bca29ca4b76b Twila Cassadore, Elsie DuBray Cheyenne, Nephi Craig, Sammy Gensaw, Samuel Gensaw field_5cd1c1029625b field_5bca29d24b76c 74 field_5bca29d74b76d field_5bca29ec4b76f field_5bca29f74b770 field_5bca29fe4b771 “The film wonderfully weaves personal stories with archival footage that contextualizes the continued violence against Native Americans. Healing from generational trauma sometimes starts with … Continued

Finding Hope in Farmland

1619642048:2 2 2021 field_5bca29b24b769 a:1:{i:0;s:13:”United States”;} field_5cd1bb2bb4f62 field_5cd1bbb5b4f63 Dave Simonds field_5bca29c14b76a field_5bca29ca4b76b field_5cd1c1029625b field_5bca29d24b76c 15 field_5bca29d74b76d field_5bca29ec4b76f field_5bca29f74b770 field_5bca29fe4b771 Somali Bantu refugees overcome unthinkable obstacles and start a farm in upstate New York. field_5bca2a054b772 field_5bca2a154b773 a:1:{i:0;s:12:”watch-online”;} field_5dfda10d947e6 field_5ee3c29ddafb6 Free field_5ee3c2bfdafb7 Shown as part of Fresh Fest: A Food + Farming Film Festival Available Friday, … Continued

Fruits of Labor

1620919238:2 2 2021 field_5bca29b24b769 a:1:{i:0;s:13:”United States”;} field_5cd1bb2bb4f62 English and Spanish field_5cd1bbb5b4f63 Emily Cohen Ibañezf field_5bca29c14b76a field_5bca29ca4b76b Ashley Solis field_5cd1c1029625b field_5bca29d24b76c 78 field_5bca29d74b76d field_5bca29ec4b76f field_5bca29f74b770 field_5bca29fe4b771 “Given the political and social upheaval that Latinos face in this country, it is amazing to see a documentary that humanizes and concretely showcases those who grapple with immigration … Continued

American Arab

1619016924:2 2 2013 field_5bca29b24b769 field_5cd1bb2bb4f62 field_5cd1bbb5b4f63 Usama Alshaibi field_5bca29c14b76a field_5bca29ca4b76b field_5cd1c1029625b field_5bca29d24b76c 60 field_5bca29d74b76d field_5bca29ec4b76f field_5bca29f74b770 field_5bca29fe4b771 “It’s giving voice to people who have been marginalized — and when they are presented in mainstream American media, it’s rarely from their perspective. At the same time, the movie doesn’t feel confrontational. It feels like the … Continued

Better Days

1618430498:2 2 2020 field_5bca29b24b769 a:1:{i:0;s:5:”China”;} field_5cd1bb2bb4f62 Mandarin field_5cd1bbb5b4f63 Derek Kwok-Cheung Tsang field_5bca29c14b76a Zhou Dongyu, Jackson Yee, Yin Fang Huang Jue, Wu Yue, Zhou Ye field_5bca29ca4b76b field_5cd1c1029625b field_5bca29d24b76c 135 field_5bca29d74b76d field_5bca29ec4b76f field_5bca29f74b770 field_5bca29fe4b771 “However archetypal the characters become — sometimes it feels like Xiao Bei is the bad-boy boxer and Chen Nian is the … Continued

The Man Who Sold His Skin

1617723252:2 2 2021 field_5bca29b24b769 a:1:{i:0;s:7:”Tunisia”;} field_5cd1bb2bb4f62 Arabic, English, French, Flemish field_5cd1bbb5b4f63 Kaouther Ben Hania field_5bca29c14b76a Yahya Mahayni, Dea Liane, Koen De Bouw, Monica Bellucci, Wim Delvoye field_5bca29ca4b76b field_5cd1c1029625b field_5bca29d24b76c 104 field_5bca29d74b76d field_5bca29ec4b76f field_5bca29f74b770 field_5bca29fe4b771 “Tunisia’s ambitious Oscars entry from female writer-director Kaouther Ben Hania offers a provocative contemporary take on a Faustian bargain. … Continued

The Inheritance

1614731773:2 2 2020 field_5bca29b24b769 a:1:{i:0;s:13:”United States”;} field_5cd1bb2bb4f62 field_5cd1bbb5b4f63 Ephraim Asili field_5bca29c14b76a field_5bca29ca4b76b Nozipho McClean, Eric Lockley, Chris Jarell, Julian Rozzell Jr. field_5cd1c1029625b field_5bca29d24b76c 100 field_5bca29d74b76d field_5bca29ec4b76f field_5bca29f74b770 field_5bca29fe4b771 “A joyous celebration of Blackness. The Inheritance is alive, drunk off the colors and textures of West Philadelphia.” field_5bca2a054b772 — IndieWire field_5bca2a154b773 a:1:{i:0;s:12:”watch-online”;} field_5dfda10d947e6 field_5ee3c29ddafb6 … Continued