Official Competition

1657217118:2 2 2022 field_5bca29b24b769 a:2:{i:0;s:5:”Spain”;i:1;s:9:”Argentina”;} field_5cd1bb2bb4f62 Spanish field_5cd1bbb5b4f63 Gastón Duprat, Mariano Cohn field_5bca29c14b76a Penélope Cruz, Antonio Banderas, Oscar Martínez, José Luis Gómez field_5bca29ca4b76b field_5cd1c1029625b Rated R field_5bca29d24b76c 114 field_5bca29d74b76d field_5bca29ec4b76f field_5bca29f74b770 field_5bca29fe4b771 “Detail is what makes Official Competition a joy to behold. From film festival press conferences to deadly serious discussions about process to … Continued

The Man Who Sold His Skin

1617723252:2 2 2021 field_5bca29b24b769 a:1:{i:0;s:7:”Tunisia”;} field_5cd1bb2bb4f62 Arabic, English, French, Flemish field_5cd1bbb5b4f63 Kaouther Ben Hania field_5bca29c14b76a Yahya Mahayni, Dea Liane, Koen De Bouw, Monica Bellucci, Wim Delvoye field_5bca29ca4b76b field_5cd1c1029625b field_5bca29d24b76c 104 field_5bca29d74b76d field_5bca29ec4b76f field_5bca29f74b770 field_5bca29fe4b771 “Tunisia’s ambitious Oscars entry from female writer-director Kaouther Ben Hania offers a provocative contemporary take on a Faustian bargain. … Continued