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"The small miracle of director Andrea Arnold’s experiential documentary is that it enacts its simple premise in straightforward terms, but assembles them into a profound big picture."
— IndieWire

On Friday, May 6 at 7:30pm, in conjunction with Fresh Fest, there will be a discussion with Sarah Gardner, Associate Director and Lecturer in Environmental Studies at Williams College and Topher Sabot, Owner and Head Farmer at Cricket Creek Farm

“It doesn’t make cows into human beings. If anything, for some 90 minutes, it turns us into a cow. In doing so, it shows us — in a way that we actually feel it — how amazing it is to exist.” — San Francisco Chronicle

This film is an endeavour to consider cows. To move us closer to them. To see both their beauty and the challenge of their lives. Not in a romantic way but in a real way. It’s a film about one dairy cow’s reality and acknowledging her great service to us.

Director: Andrea Arnold

Runtime: 93 minutes

Genre: Documentary, Woman Directed

Year: 2022

Country: United Kingdom