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"A lot of movies are funny, but very few are funny on a cellular level. Funny Pages is that rare breed; bewildering and strange before its characters even begin speaking and projecting its inherent twistedness with every aspect of its construction."
— Uproxx

Independent Spirit Award-nominated for Breakthrough Performance (Daniel Zolghadri)

Gotham Award-nominated for Bingham Ray Breakthrough Director Award

“Wickedly funny and perhaps the best outsider cartoonist film in the past two decades.  A perfect coming-of-age, cringe comedy throwback. Feels like it’s straight out of the late 90s or early 00s — no surprise given its director starred in Noah Baumbach’s seminal The Squid and the Whale. Produced by the Safdie Brothers (Uncut Gems) and premiered at Cannes to a standing ovation, it’s American Splendor for Gen Z.” — Dan Hudson

When Robert, a high school student and aspiring cartoonist, rejects the comforts of suburban life, dropping out of school and leaving home, he finds an unwilling teacher and unwitting friend in Wallace — a former low-level comic artist.

Starring: Daniel Zolghadri, Matthew Mayer, Fred Hechinger, Josh Pais

Director: Owen Kline

Rating: Rated R

Runtime: 86 minutes

Genre: Comedy, Dan's Pick, Janet’s Pick

Year: 2022

Country: United States