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"The directors not only hack cinema, a medium historically dominated by white storytellers, to make a statement, but they also reposition its lens to center a fresh crop of artistic voices in a mesmerizing battle cry of a film set to the inextinguishable beat of the drums."
— The Wrap

In the hilltops of Burundi, a group of escaped coltan miners form an anti-colonialist computer hacker collective. From their camp in an otherworldly e-waste dump, they attempt a takeover of the authoritarian regime exploiting the region’s natural resources – and its people. When an intersex runaway and an escaped coltan miner find each other through cosmic forces, their connection sparks glitches within the greater divine circuitry.

Starring: Cheryl Isheja, Elvis Ngabo, Kaya Free

Director: Saul Williams, Anisia Uzeyman

Runtime: 109 minutes

Genre: Afro-futurism, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Musical, Science Fiction, Subtitled

Year: 2021

Country: United States/Rwanda

Language: In Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, Swahihi, French, and English with English subtitles