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Parallel Mothers

“Parallel Mothers, with a superb Penélope Cruz, is Pedro Almodóvar at his best. Cruz is as complex and captivating a screen heroine here as she ever was.In Parallel Mothers she finds herself at the heart of a sobering history lesson, a passionate love story and, not for the first time, a glowing celebration of motherhood.”
— Los Angeles Times

Nominated for two Oscars: Best Actress (Penélope Cruz), and Best Score.

Spanish auteur Pedro Almodóvar’s latest film follows two women Janis and Ana (both single mothers) from the moment they give birth to two daughters. Janis is thrilled by her accidental pregnancy, seeing it as perhaps her last chance at motherhood, while the adolescent Ana is scared and traumatized by the ordeal.

Almodóvar masterfully weaves the drama of these two women around the complexity, anxiety and passion that comes with motherhood. With the birth of their daughters, Janis and Ana have a unique link and are drawn closer by the lack of support from others in their world. But this bond unravels in complicated and surprising ways that neither of them expected. PARALLEL MOTHERS is a powerful exploration of how generations and families are held together amongst the greatest challenges. (AFI Fest)

Starring: Penelope Cruz, Milena Smit

Director: Pedro Almodóvar

Rating: Rated R

Runtime: 120 minutes

Genre: Drama, Subtitled

Year: 2022

Country: Spain

Language: In Spanish with English subtitles

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