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Un Film Dramatique

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"It’s the cumulative effect of seeing the world through the eyes of these children that makes this movie so deeply joyful. This is a heartening project, a philosophical excavation of a school that abounds with playful optimism."
— New York Times

Commissioned as a dedicated artwork for the newly constructed Dora Maar middle school on the outskirts of Paris, Un Film Dramatique is a lively portrait of the first class to attend the school, filmed over the course of four years. The group of 21 middle schoolers discuss the drama of their daily lives and experiment with cameras and equipment. They are the film’s subjects, and also its makers. With a refreshingly uninhibited approach, director Eric Baudelaire offers a new perspective on the realities of our current socio-political moment that is both playful and purposeful. As the students debate the approaching elections and the immigration crisis, they also seek to answer a key political question—what are we doing here together?

Featuring: David Pop, Fatimata Sarr, Anida Ait Abdesselam

Director: Eric Baudelaire

Runtime: 115 minutes

Genre: Documentary, POC, Subtitled

Year: 2021

Country: France

Language: In French with English subtitles