Support Images Cinema and get your business on the big screen!

Sponsors can contribute to the artistic and cultural life of the Berkshires through their support of Images Cinema. A community tradition for over 100 years, Images hosts over 1,000 screenings and public events annually to an audience of over 32,000 people.

There are three primary options to promote a business or institution to Images Cinema’s discerning customers while also supporting a community-based cultural institution.

For more information, please contact Doug Jones, Executive Director, at or 413-458-1039.

Images Cinema is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts organization.


Feature Sponsorship is reserved for up to 6 businesses at any one time, with “category exclusivity,” meaning only one realtor, one bank, one dentist, etc.

The annual investment is $3,000 or $250 per month. (Payment plans available.)

Feature Sponsors receive the following exclusive benefits:

  • PROMINENT LOGO DISPLAY IMMEDIATELY PRIOR TO ALL FEATURE FILMS. After the lights go down and the trailers play, one of the last thing the audience sees before our feature films will be “Images Cinema programming supported by” and your logo up on the big screen.
  • 12 MONTHS OF ONSCREEN UNDERWRITING. As part of the pre-show prior to the start of each show, your slide will stay onscreen for 15 seconds. The entire show cycles through 2-4 times prior to each movie. ($1,800 value)
  • BUSINESS LOGO ON OUR WEB SITE. Your logo and a link to your web site will be displayed at
  • BUSINESS LOGO LISTING IN OUR WEEKLY CINEMAIL. Twice a week we send an email to over 2,600 subscribers. Your logo and link to your website will be included.
  • A LOGO LISTING ON OUR WEEKLY FLIER, which is available at the cinema. Up to 300 copies are distributed each week.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA SPOTLIGHT. Once a month we will let our Facebook and Twitter followers know that your business helps to keep our doors open and we will direct them to either your website or social media site.
  • RESERVED SEATING at regularly scheduled films is available upon request, for up to 30 people. Ticket purchase required. 24 hour notice required.


Once the lights go down, we have the full attention of our audience… and you can too.

Your video commercial will screen as part of the coming attractions before our regularly scheduled films. This space is reserved up to two commercials from sponsoring businesses.

  • Open rate $500 per month
  • 3-month contract $450 per month — save $150!
  • 6-month contract $425 per month — save $450!

For longer contracts, sponsoring businesses can feature different commercials, alternating week-to-week or month-to-month. For 3-month contracts, two commercials can be put into rotation. For 6-month contracts, three commercials can be put into rotation.

Video commercials can be no longer than 1 minute.

Technical Requirements:
Videos must be submitted to Images as a high-definition .mov file or mp4 file with an aspect ratio of 16:9. 23.965 fps is preferred.


Onscreen Underwriters have their business images projected onscreen as part of the Images Cinema preshow prior to the start of each show. Each slide stays onscreen for 15 seconds, and the show cycles through 2 to 4 times prior to each movie.

  • Open Rate $200 per month
  • 3-month contract $175 per month — save $75!
  • 6-month contract $150 per month — save $300!

Technical Requirements:
Images should be submitted as 300 dpi jpeg files sized 1920×1080.